Install nodeGame


  1. Install the LTS version of node.js for your operating system (Win/Mac/Linux).
  2. Install git for your operating system (Win/Mac/Linux).
  3. Check that node and git are installed. Open a terminal (for MacOS or Windows) and type:
                node --version
    You should see something like: v10.16.0
                npm --version
    You should see something like: 6.9.0
                git --version
    You should see something like: git version
Note: For Windows, Git-Bash (installed with git) is the recommended terminal. You can open it from the Start menu.


  1. Download the nodegame installer.
  2. Open a terminal and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the installer.
  3. Install nodeGame with the command:
    node nodegame-installer.js
  4. Follow instructions on screen.
  5. For more install options try:
    node nodegame-installer.js --help

Running Your First Game

NodeGame has an Ultimatum Game included in the default installation. To start the server and play the game follow these steps:
  1. Open a terminal and navigate to the nodegame folder
  2. Start the server with the command:
    node launcher.js
  3. Open your browser at localhost:8080, and select the Ultimatum game
  4. Open more tabs, click "Play with Bots", or manually launch a bot connecting to: localhost:8080/ultimatum/?clientType=autoplay
  5. Check the monitor interface: localhost:8080/ultimatum/monitor

Read the Documentation

More info available in the project wiki!