Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is nodeGame?
NodeGame is a open source JavaScript/HTML5 framework for conducting multiplayer games and synchronous behavioral experiments online and in the lab directly in the browser window.
Why is it called nodeGame?
The name comes from the Node.JS technology in which it is implemented, which is particularly suited for real-time interactive games.
What is it good at?
It is specifically designed to support group behavior experimental research with:
  • large group sizes (hundreds of players)
  • real-time (but also discrete time) interactions,
  • batches of simultaneous experiments.
However, you can as well run discrete-time, single-player, lab-in-the-field, and lab experiments.
Is it free?
Yes, it is!
Is it open source?
Yes, it is! Check the complete source code on Github.
How does it work?
nodeGame defines an API (Application Programming Interface) through which experimenters can program new strategic environments and configure the platform. Most of the complexity is hidden away by the API, but programming knowledge of JavaScript is required.
What is the learning curve?
For a developer familiar with other languages, but with little knowledge of JavaScript, it might take 2-3 days to understand the framework. Once a developer is familiar with the framework, it usually takes a couple of days to come up with a testable prototype of a simple game/experiment.
What languages do I need to know to create games in nodeGame?
You need low/medium knowledge of the JavaScript language, and you need to understand how to create HTML pages. Knowing Node.JS specific syntax will help you to extend the platform or to create more complex games, but it is not a requirement. To create rich user interfaces, frameworks such as jQuery or Bootstrap can help. Finally, if you want to dynamically build the HTML you might look into the Pug templating language.
How much do I need to code for running a game/experiment?
NodeGame is a programming framework, so programming is required. A command line utility is provided to generate a game template that can be modified and adapted to your needs. The following resources are provided by the framework: The following resources must be coded by the developer: The following might be coded by the developer:
Is it compatible with Amazon Mechanical Turk?
Yes, nodeGame has integration with Amazon Mechanical Turk, see the documentation.
How do I get technical help?
You can write directly to or post your question to the forum. You should get an answer within 24 hours.