4.3.2 - Release Date 09/30/2018
Re-enabled support for games without treatment descriptions.
4.3.0 - Release Date 09/20/2018
Treatment selection in waiting room. If option "ALLOW_SELECT_TREATMENT" is set to true in the waiting room's settings, then dropdown menu allows user to select the treatment for the game.
4.2.0 - Release Date 09/14/2018
Improved nodegame game-create command: automatically generates generates channel files from interface, adds README and LICENSE (MIT)
4.1.5 - Release Date 09/13/2018
Fixed installer for Node version < 8.x
4.1.3 - Release Date 09/07/2018
Improved installer
Msg anti-spoofing support by default enabled on PlayerServer
Fixed bug on Chrome with flickering scrollbar
More options on Monitor, including display of last error
Improved nodegame-mturk support
Fixed tests
4.0.4 - Release Date 07/05/2018
Improved monitor interface: errors happened on clients displayed directly on Clients List widget.
4.0.0 - Release Date 04/22/2018
All available games are displayed in a grid of responsive cards in the server home page.
New game interface with slim header occupying less space.
Customizable drop-down InfoPanel to easily display and hide information under the header.
New widgets: EndScreen, Feedback, EmailForm.
New widget features: add/remove widget rame, setTexts/Sounds, improved WaitingRoom
Wait screen displays a countdown of maximum wait time.
New GameRoom.computeBonus method to easily save a bonus file and send bonus to each player.
New channel settings for controlling data directory, and noAuth tokens
Client types declaration has been streamlined, no need to return a client type object, it is now automatically assembled from the stager and and the setup object.
Views receive now the correct settings object depending on treatment.
New matcher features: canMatchSameRole, fixedRoles.
Window object has updated to the latest version of JSUS, meaning that some commands to manipulate and create DOM elements have changed.
Full list of new features and migration guidelines.